I know, I know! It’s been too long! I had grand plans of updating my blog while I was in Europe so I could share my experiences as they happened, but actual computers are rather hard to find these days. All I had was my cell phone and spotty wifi that lasted just long enough to upload a few pics to Facebook here and there so my mom wouldn’t call the local authorities. Speaking of phones, TMobile just announced that they are going to offer unlimited data world wide now. Would have loved to have that 4 weeks ago! I am smartphone illiterate which may or may not have led to a $200 roaming bill. Ugh.Anyway, I’m back from Europe now (and in Chicago for work) and will be writing a few posts about my trip. Never fear, I wrote while I was there! You’ll be able to read them as if you were following along with my trip! Am I clever or what? But since I left them all at home, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer.

A note about Chicago though: it’s a pretty cool city! I’ve never been here before and I only had a day and a half of site seeing before I had to buckle down and work, but what I saw was awesome. It’s a lot like Seattle, but bigger. And flatter. Which is weird. But so nice to walk on! I had 3 days at home before flying here Saturday morning (which probably contributed to this horrendous cold I have now). My boss picked me up and took me to my first NHL game, the Blackhawks vs the Sabres. We even got our seats upgraded to the front row of the second level! And they definitely made sure I had enough to drink (which also may have added to this stupid cold).


Sunday, we went up the Sears Tower and out onto the SkyDeck ledges.










Then we took a boat ride on the river to the Magnificent Mile. Our hats are pretty badass.








We narrowly avoided spending way too much money in those fancy stores! We finished the sightseeing day off with a Segway Tour of the city. Because we are that cool. Seriously. I even got to keep my yellow reflector vest. I’m telling you, this city really rolled out the red carpet for me.






Anyhoo, the Segway Tour was a lot of fun and I didn’t eat pavement like I thought was inevitable. It was a great way to see the city without having to burn off all the calories I consumed. We ended the day with a big Chicago pizza, because any trip to Chicago that doesn’t include pizza is a failure.

Now I’m in St Charles at a massive compound for my training, which feels a bit like going to university. Except we can all legally drink. I’m here until Friday when I fly to Vegas for the bachelorette party of a good friend! We have at least 4 gallons of alcohol for the 5 of us and 36 hours in which to consume it. I’m pretty sure I’m never getting over this cold.

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