After my morning walking around the river, I decide to head to the harbor. Partly I’m hoping it will be cooler there, maybe a breeze off the ocean? And who could forget about poor puking Merlion?

I have to pass underneath a bridge to get there, and come across this little food court in the shade where you can sit and cool off with your friends. They have coffee, Popsicles and ice cream, among other options. I don’t stop for anything, but it all looks refreshing.


I love this idea. Pianos set up for anyone to play, whenever they want. One night later in the week, I’m walking by and hear the most beautiful melody. A guy is sitting alone at one of these pianos, lost in his own world. It’s such a nice addition to the already beautiful scene.




Just around the corner, there she (Wikipedia confirmed she’s a she) is! Merlion. Singapore is nicknamed the Lion City, deriving from original Sanskrit name for the city, literally translating to Lion City. It was originally located at the mouth of the river, but was moved to it’s current location in 2002 with the completion of the nearby bridge. Normally she spits water out into the harbor, but apparently she was undergoing cleaning the previous week and hasn’t been turned back on yet.



That doesn’t stop us tourists from enjoying photos with her.


At this point, the heat and the humidity are taking their toll on me so a boat trip around the harbor and river seems perfect right now. The cost is SGD$25 for a 45 minute tour – cash only. Fortunately there are ATM’s kind of nearby.




The shade and breeze on the boat, combined with finally getting to sit for awhile make this cruise very enjoyable, even though I’ve already walked around all these sites. Plus, there’s a video playing for the entire trip explaining the history of each site and the significance to the city today. It’s a bit spendy, but worth it.



When we get back to the dock, Merlion’s fountain is going again. Yay!




Of course I have to take a few more pictures now. I mean, what kind of blogger and photographer would I be if I didn’t show you everything?




Feeling a little refreshed after the boat ride, I wander further along the harbor. There are several of these colorful glass sculptures dotting the way.



If it wasn’t so hot and humid, this would be a lovely spot for an iced drink. Perhaps in the evening?


Soon enough, I’m way too hot again, so I duck inside the Clifford Pier. I’m getting hungry by now, but this place is much too expensive. The food looks really good though, so it may be worth a visit if you ever find yourself here.


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