It’s here! I can’t believe that, after a year and a half of planning, training, talking and obsessing, I’m finally on my way to Tanzania to climb the tallest mountain in Africa! We arrive Thursday night in Dar Es Salaam, fly to Kilimanjaro on Friday and begin our ascent on Sunday! Whenever possible, I will try to keep everyone updated on how the climb is going/went. I’ve heard there is some cell service on the mountain, but wifi is pretty spotty. Hopefully I’ll be able to write a few posts while I’m there. Currently my overwhelming emotion is nervousness, but I think by the time we get there and are actually ready to start the climb, I’ll feel excited. We’ve done so much to get ready for this adventure, it just seems unreal to say it’s actually happening!

When I get home, I’ll do a write up of final costs for the entire trip, in case you want to do something similar, and I’ll tell you all about the gear I took, what was useful and what wasn’t, plus anything I wish I had and why! These are the things I always want to know as I’m planing a trip, and some of the hardest information (in my experience) to find.

Finally, if everyone could do me a teensy favor and give my Facebook page a ‘like’, I would hugely appreciate it! I’m hoping to make this blog into something useful for travelers and potentially be able to get discounted travel in the future, and Facebook likes can really help with that. And of course, I welcome any feedback you may have on information you’d like to see or topics you’d like covered (if I have the knowledge), so feel free to leave me a comment!

To whet your appetite for what’s to come, I’ll leave you with this photo (that I didn’t take) of Kilimanjaro and my favorite animal, which I will hopefully see in the wild.

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