After our fun day of site seeing and shopping, it was time to get ready for┬áthe final ceremony, which was actually more of a reception. We got dressed in our sari’s again, this time on our own. It was much harder than I thought! There is so much draping and folding of this massive piece of fabric, and it requires a lot of pinning which is hard to do on your own. But we somehow managed to pull it off. Maggie and Meike both had more than one sari and decided to mix and match for a colorful and lovely result.

When we arrived, I was blown away by how beautiful everything was decorated. It felt like a celebrity wedding or something, with fabric and flowers covering everything.



It felt massive in here, like there was no end to the tent. I’m not sure if this place is set up like this all the time or if it was just for this ceremony, but either way you can tell a lot of thought went in to how it looks.





They even had fireworks going off for the entire night. Is that normal? Do all Indian weddings end with fireworks? I think all weddings should!

Like I said before, this was really more of a reception than a ceremony. We ate delicious Kashmiri food (Nitish’s family is from the Kashmir region in northern India), chatted with other guests and family, and posed for SO MANY pictures!


I have no idea what’s happening here, but I love it!


I so rarely get to be in pictures, so I guess I don’t know how to pose? This is not true, I just don’t like to sit still and smile.



We did a bunch of group shots that Abishek directed for us.


The girls posed with Nitish…


…and the guys posed with Kamala.



These people are so entertaining. I left my camera with Abishek at one point so I could be in a few pictures, and this is what happened.


Gotta love it!

This evening was so much fun, I miss all of these people so much!





The party went late into the evening and we all had such a great time. It was our last night as a big group. In the morning, Maggie, Meike and I flew to Rajasthan for a 6 day tour of the region, while everyone else went their separate ways. I haven’t seen any of them since (except the bride and groom), but we keep in touch over Facebook and hopefully we’ll plan a reunion someday!

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