I’m not usually much of a museum person on my travels. If it’s a big one like the Prado in Madrid, then sure, I’ll give it a few hours. But generally they don’t hold much interest for me. However, while reading through my guidebook on Trinidad, I came across the Museo Histórico Municipal. It’s the former mansion of a sugar plantation owner from the 1800’s, but more importantly, it has some fantastic panoramas of the entire town. It instantly goes on my list.

Bright and early we set out towards Plaza Mayor. It’s our only full day in Trinidad and we have a lot to see, starting with the museum.

The museum isn’t hard to find; the tower is visible from all over Trinidad.

Another market sets up shop just outside. It’s fun to wander through while we wait for the museum to open.

The man who used to live here was very wealthy. Apparently he acquired his sugar plantations by poisoning an old slave trader and marrying his wife, then disposing of her as well. How scandalous!

This is the old kitchen. It clearly could make a lot of food at one time.

The museum isn’t very big and takes only about 20 minutes to wander through. The main attraction lies in the views from the top of the tower in the photo below.

It doesn’t look too tall from below, but the stairs are never ending!

But climbing them is so worth it. The views alone are worth the price of admission.


Later this afternoon, I’ll climb that hill to the radio tower behind town for spectacular views of the sunset.

After our morning hike to the waterfall in Parque el Cubano, we walk around Trinidad. The park below, Plaza Carillo, is another place you can find the internet in town. It’s right next to the Iberostar Gran Hotel Trinidad.

I just love how colorful this town is! Every street is more beautiful than the next, I could wander around forever.

About an hour before the sun is going to set, I head out to find the route to Cerro la Vigia – the radio tower on the hill behind town. With your back to the park in Plaza Mayor, follow the road heading towards the hill. The church will be on your right and a yellow building on your left. When you come to the end of the road, you should be able to turn right onto a dirt path. Follow it up the hill about 20 minutes. When you come to a Y, you can go right to the radio tower or left to a spot with better views. I go left.

Please enjoy these gratuitous sunset photos commentary-free.

I make my way down before it gets too dark. I can just imagine stumbling downhill in the dark and twisting an ankle. That would not be fun.

Can you see why Trinidad is my favorite city in Cuba? It’s so beautiful and picturesque, and I didn’t even get to explore the nearby beach. I’m definitely going to have to go back someday.

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