Today I’m wrapping up my time in L.A. I have some random photos of both the Kings and Galaxy games I went to, and of course sunset photos from Malibu. And this one picture I took of the Women in Travel summit I attended, of closing speaker Nadine Sykora of Hey Nadine. She makes great videos of her travel experiences and it was really inspiring to hear her talk.


Originally, Jenny and I had plans to go to dinner on my first night in L.A. but she was offered free tickets to the L.A. Kings game instead. I’ve only been to one NHL game before in Chicago (as Seattle doesn’t have a hockey team) so thought it would be a fun experience.





It’s a fun and exciting game that goes into sudden death overtime. Fortunately, the Kings score first and win!




As we’re walking back to our car after the game (we got free street parking in downtown L.A. Does that ever happen?) Jenny decides to pose with a Porsche. This might be my absolute favorite picture of her, ever.


As I mentioned before, Jenny moved to L.A. to take a job as the social media manager of the L.A. Galaxy soccer team. She’s kind of a big deal now, so on another night during my trip, she got me tickets to the Galaxy match, including a ticket to the Champions Lounge.

Now, I will forever and always be a Sounders fan, but the Champions Lounge is pretty cool. Fans who purchase a ticket to the lounge (I think they are about $150, which isn’t cheap, but I could be wrong), are allowed to go down by the pitch during warm-ups and up the tunnel where the players come out.


Inside is a restaurant serving “free” food and drinks. For $150, I would hope the food and drinks would be free (not that I paid for this ticket, but for those who did, I think it’s only right). I get cheese enchiladas and a beer. It’s really good. Later I have the beef brisket and it might be one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.


As I’m standing at a bar eating this delicious food, the players from both the Galaxy and the San Jose Earthquakes start to head back in to the locker rooms. They walk right past us, stopping to sign autographs for fans.



It’s a pretty neat experience for the fans to be able to interact so closely with the players, and I appreciate that they actually take the time to stop and sign autographs and take pictures.

I stay to watch the players head back out onto the pitch for game time, then grab a beer to take back to my seat.


It’s a chippy match with a lot of yellow cards (fouls) given, but it’s pretty entertaining.


And because I’m apparently good luck for L.A. sports teams (it is all about me, after all), the Galaxy win! So much confetti.


After the match, I head back to the Champions Lounge to wait for Jenny. Again, players stop to take pictures and sign autographs with the fans.


Jenny takes me up to the offices and shows me where she works, tweeting out videos and writing up press releases. Such a superstar!


Thanks again for the tickets Jingle!

And finally, as promised, I’ll end this post with some sunset photos from Malibu I took on my last night here. As we’re driving back from El Matador, I’m hoping to find a place to stop for pictures before the sun is gone. When we drive past this one, which I don’t remember the name of, I quickly ask Jenny to pull over. Yay, I lucked out! There isn’t much to add in the way of commentary, so I’ll let you enjoy the sunset in silence.












And with that, we’ve come to the end of my time in L.A. I hope you enjoyed these posts as much as I ended up enjoying this city.

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