Once again, I’d like to apologize for the quality of photos in this post. These were taken waaaaay back in 2007, before I upgraded to a digital camera. How did we ever manage before we had unlimited space and we could see the shots we got, right after we took them? Confession – I didn’t want to upgrade to a digital camera because I thought it wasn’t as “real” as film. I’m SO glad I got over that opinion. Anyway, on with the show!

As soon as I heard one of my favorite groups of all time, the Spice Girls (Girls Aloud, you’re a close second!) were reforming for a 10 year reunion tour, I knew I had to try to get tickets. As soon as I could, I registered in a lottery system for the city closest to Seattle they were playing at. This happened to be Las Vegas. Several months later, I get a notice that I’m selected to get tickets! I immediately snatch up a couple for my friend Erin and I, and we’re off to Sin City.


I’ve never been to Vegas before and most of what I know about it, I learned from my mom. In the early 2000’s, she would travel here often for Paul Mitchell hair shows and other hairstylist-y things. Now I finally get to see what it’s all about. The first thing that strikes me about Vegas is how HUGE everything is.






Before arriving, I had assumed that we would be able to walk everywhere we needed to go. It’s only a few hotels, right? I certainly didn’t account for how massive each hotel actually is. We spend our first day just wandering around the strip, walking through hotels, gaping at all the extravagance. I’ve never seen anything like it.





We eat lunch at the Harley Davidson Cafe and dinner at Margaritaville before heading back to the hotel to rest. Our plan is to head back out after dark to see the Bellagio Fountain, but by 830, we’re both passed out.

On day 2, we take the metro to the other end of the strip to check out the rides on the top of the Stratosphere. The needle at the top there is a sling shot that pulls you up really fast and drops you back down again.


I love rollercoasters, and riding them on top of a Space Needle-like building?? Where do I sign up?? I manage to convince Erin to ride on two of them with me, but by the third, she’s hit her limit. She manages to get a picture of me hanging out over the ledge.


Thoroughly energized (at least I am), we walk around the observation deck, admiring the miles and miles of uninterrupted views.




We wander back down the strip, stop for lunch, then head back to our hotel, the Luxor, for a rest. Finally, at long last, it’s time for the show! I can’t believe I’m actually here, getting to see the Spice Girls, live and in person, all 5 of them! I’m so excited I can hardly deal.


The lights go down, the screens light up, and for the next 2 hours of my life, I’m in 90’s pop heaven. I’ll let you enjoy it uninterrupted.








It was everything I could have hoped for.



The next morning, we head to the airport to fly home. My flight is at 1125 so I arrive the typical hour and a half early. But when I get to the desk, the attendant tells me he can’t find my flight. What? I have the paper right here! Turns out, my flight was at 1125 PM!! There’s an earlier flight at 830pm I might be able to get on, but I have to wait until 530pm to even try. I spend the whole day at the airport, waiting around, napping, reading. This was back before smart phones, so I had to find other ways to entertain myself.

Fortunately I was able to get on the earlier flight. Unfortunately, it was delayed. And delayed again. And delayed until nearly midnight. I could have gone to see the second night of the Spice Girls show! It was, up until that point, my worst experience flying. But I did eventually make it home, and all’s well that ends well. And if it meant getting to see the Spice Girls, I would do it all over again.

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