When most people think of Oregon, the beach probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. The Pacific Northwest isn’t known as a tropical paradise, but our beaches definitely have their own appeal, and those who venture out here, even during the winter, are rewarded with some incredible views. One of my favorite beaches in Oregon is in Pacific City.

Pacific City is about 30 minutes north of Lincoln City. It’s a small little town tucked away off the 101 that you may never notice if you didn’t know it was there. It’s not heavy on “sites”, which makes its star attraction, the beach and the cape, the best reason to visit (and the Pelican Pub offers some tasty meals when you get hungry).


We arrive in the middle of a monsoon to find the bakery, The Grateful Bread, is closed until mid-February for renovations. I’m bummed, but not too surprised as they are often closed during the winter months. If you’re here during the summer though, definitely check them out. Their baked goods are amazing.

Since there’s not much else to do, we decide to head to the beach to check it out and put our names on the wait list at the Pelican Pub (there’s always a wait list, even in the middle of winter) and just our luck, the skies clear a bit! This means we’ll be waiting for our table on the beach, thankyouverymuch.




Once again, it’s a stormy day today. Just like yesterday, the storms come in waves, with breaks of sunshine in between. I love how you can see the rain out over the ocean while it’s more clear directly over us.





I could (and might have, if I wasn’t so hungry) watch these dogs playing for hours. They are having so much fun running into the water, chasing each other. Sorry (not sorry) for all the pictures of them – I couldn’t help myself.







It’s not just the dogs who enjoy getting in the action. Little kids can’t help but be entranced by the waves and bubbles. It’s fun for the whole family!




Finally our name is called and we head up to the Pelican Pub to eat some lunch. Amazingly, we get a seat by the window. Beach, beer and some amazing food – did I die and go to heaven??





After lunch we walk up the street to what Adrienne tells me is the town icon. It’s been here since before she started coming with her family as a kid, and hopefully will be till the end of time. It’s rather…unusual, but that’s what makes it iconic. And with that, I give you Legs in a Toilet (I don’t think that’s the official name, just the one I gave it):


Don’t you want to visit Pacific City just for that? It’s pretty funny! After lunch we head back to the beach, because frankly, can you ever have too much? The sun is out, the storms seem to have settled down for awhile, and it’s so nice to just sit on a log, watching all the people walk by, living their lives. I’ll let you enjoy the photos for awhile without my commentary.











Of course I can’t resist a few more pictures of dogs playing in the water.






Oh hello seagull. “Mine! Mine! Mine!”


While we were eating lunch, we watched a HUGE wave come up and over the end of the cape, between the 2 bumps you can see in the picture below. We waited around for awhile, watching the waves crash, but never saw another one that big.



Soon the storms start to make their way back towards us and we decide to head back to the condo. It’s been such a relaxing few days, soaking up the beach air, letting go of our everyday stress. I’m sad to have to go home tomorrow. Can’t we stay a few more days?

If you ever find yourself in this part of Oregon, make sure you give these beaches a chance. They are small, but worth it. But don’t tell anyone else – lets keep these places between us friends!

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