I’ve had a few of these trip announcements this year, and I’m excited to bring you one more! Tomorrow night, Emma and I will be flying to the island of Roatan, off the coast of Honduras, to celebrate the wedding of our friends Shawn and Danyeal! They got engaged on Roatan last year and are heading back for the ceremony. I’m so excited to celebrate with them!

I’ve been dreaming of visiting Roatan since a family dive trip to Belize (just north of Honduras) in 2008. The diving on that trip was incredible and I’ve been wanting to explore more for many years now. The Belize Barrier Reef,¬†the second longest barrier reef in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site, runs from Cancun at the top of the Yucatan peninsula, all the way down to Honduras, just off the coast of Roatan and offers¬†some of the most pristine diving in the world. You better believe I’ll be spending as much time underwater as I can!

As I have in the past, I bring you this trip announcement to let you know of my plans, but also as a fun way for me to compare my expectations to what what really ends up happening. So without further ado, here’s what I hope will to experience over the next 17 days.

The beach! I hope to spend lots of time relaxing, soaking up the sun and catching up on my reading list. A dip in those turquoise waters is also a must.

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Sailing. The day before we leave Roatan, nearly everyone attending the wedding is taking a full day sailing trip with several snorkel stops and lunch on a tiny island in the middle of the sea. All food and drinks included.

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Diving. Duh. As I mentioned above, this is the biggest draw for me (aside from the wedding, of course). I can’t wait to get back under the waves and plan to have at least 2 full days to check the reefs out, and maybe a couple half days. Some of the top sites I hope to dive are Mary’s Place, Prince Albert Wreck and Insidious Reef.

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After 7 glorious days of relaxing, we leave the beaches of Honduras for the volcanoes and colonial cities of El Salvador. I have to be honest here. El Salvador has never been high on my list of places to visit, and originally we had planned to head to Cuba after Roatan, thinking it would be cheaper than flying from the states at another time. However, it’s not. Airfare ranges around $800 one way. I could pay that round trip from the US! And now that domestic carriers are being granted routes to Havana, I’ve decided to push Cuba to December-ish. I hope.

Since Cuba’s out, we had to decide if we wanted to go somewhere else instead. After researching airfare to other nearby countries, including Nicaragua and Guatemala, we decided on El Salvador. It’s the cheapest place to fly to from Roatan and you have to fly through it to get anywhere else, anyway. And after reading several travel blogs, in particular Globtrotter Girls, Adventurous Kate and John Is Traveling, it turns out there’s actually plenty of interesting things to do here.

One of our first stops will be the colonial town of Santa Ana, to hike the Santa Ana volcano. Check out that turquoise water! It’s not supposed to be a very challenging hike, but the heat and humidity might slow us down a bit.

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Then we’ll head to Juayua and the Ruta de las Flores. I’ve planned to be here on the weekend to take full advantage of the food festivals.

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And I’ve heard great things about the 7 Waterfalls hike nearby.

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Next we’ll head to another colonial city – Suchitoto. It’s not heavy on sites, but the lake is beautiful and the city looks charming.

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Finally, we’ll end in the beach town of El Tunco. While I’ve done a bit of surfing here and there since I was a kid, I don’t go often enough to be very good. Therefore I’d love to take another surf lesson here, just to break up all the relaxing.

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Then it’s back to San Salvador to fly home. Surprisingly, this is enough to fill 10 days in this country. I never knew there was so much to do! I even had to cut a few places out, like Alegria and San Miguel. But overall, I’m really happy with how this trip should play out.

Emma and I both have Alaska Airmiles and used them to purchase our airfare. For the flight from San Salvador to Miami, it actually used less miles to fly business class than coach. I’m really excited for this as I’ve never flown anything but coach! How will I ever go back?

I don’t know what my wifi situation will be, especially in El Salvador, but I’ll try to update this blog as often as possible. Can’t wait to share more with you!

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2 thoughts on “On the Road Again…Honduras and El Salvador

  1. Oh my gosh… I am so jealous of your itinerary!! I’ve been thinking about my next trip, and I’m pretty sure it will be picking up where I left off in Central America — visiting El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua (likely over 4-5 weeks). So I look forward to hearing about your favorite areas and what you recommend. Have a blast!! Your upcoming diving adventures sound especially cool.

    1. Oh you should! I’ve only been in El Salvador for 2 days now, and I already really like it! I didn’t visit the Honduran mainland, but I’ve met a lot of people here (in El Salvador) who seemed to enjoy it, and weren’t worried about the safety. I do think I would recommend Utila over Roatan, as Roatan is VERY expensive. But the diving is incredible no matter where you are. We ended up doing 10 dives, including a night dive, and it never got old. When I’m home, I’ll share all the details. Very jealous you’ll get to Nicaragua! I can’t wait to see what you plan!

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