Today’s post is all about the turtles! I don’t really know why I find these guys so appealing, but any time I see one while diving, I just want to swim along with it, wherever it may go.

We see turtles on four of our dives. Below is a selection of my favorite photos. There isn’t much to say here, so I’ll let you scroll through these with minimal commentary from me. Enjoy!






Can I just say, I love how these next few pictures turned out. Editing underwater photos is extremely hard. Everything is blue or brown, and it gets worse the deeper you go. But fortunately, these were taken under great lightening conditions, AND I learned a new editing technique to really bring out their true colors.


Turtle closeup



Hi turtle

Turtles are cool

These next two pictures were taken with my GoPro and a red filter. I’m not sure why that made everything look so colorful and the turtle so green, but I’m gonna go with it.



Just to add a little variety to all these turtles, I have a few non-turtle photos to share. Up first is a spotted eagle ray. Like the turtles, these guys are super cool to watch swim. So graceful and elegant.

Spotted eagle ray

A school of jack fish. It’s really neat when you suddenly find yourself in the middle of so many fish.

School of fish

These are blue chromis and they are everywhere. Between these guys and the parrot fish, I’m not sure which we saw more of. Maybe the chromis because they swim in schools, while the parrot fish are usually solitary.


This is an angel fish. Are they very angelic? I’m not sure. You can’t tell in this picture, but they’re actually black and yellow, not green and brighter green.

Angel fish

And finally, I leave you with this video I shot of a turtle swimming, because¬†there’s no such thing as too many turtles.

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