It’s taken a few days to process, but I think I can finally talk about it without crying. That Super Bowl. What a way to go. I don’t want to get into all the shoulda, coulda, woulda. I just want to talk about how great the experience was otherwise. I mean, I went to the freaking Super Bowl!! It was a major bucket list item and I can’t believe I actually got to go! The whole weekend was like being a celebrity! Our house had 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, a pool and a hot tub. Swank-EE! Then, THEN! We were able to get club level seats for FACE VALUE!! Seriously, tickets were going for upwards of $10k! I couldn’t believe it when my dad told me we had real tickets and didn’t have to pay that much for them. Well, they were still unbelievably expensive, but not that¬†expensive.


We got down to the stadium about 4 hours early to enjoy the whole experience.


There was live music, opportunities to throw the football around, gear to buy. It was very festive. My brother and I walked around the entire stadium, saw all the different analysts giving their pre-game predictions, and bought some Super Bowl gear.





Kody thinks he’s pretty gangster, but he’s really just a big nerd.





When we got to our seats, they were amazing! More leg room than my 6’4″ brother and dad needed, with great views of the field! And to perpetuate the celebrity theme, we were two sections over from Chris Pratt and Anna Faris!







The game itself was 59 minutes of pure excitement and 1 minute of the world ending. Even when the Seahawks were down earlier, the game was absolutely thrilling. We were yelling and screaming our heads off and just having a wonderful time! And there were easily three Seahawks fans for every Patriots fan. It was undeniably one of the most amazing things I’ve gotten to be a part of.






John Legend sang God Bless America.


And Idina Menzel sang the National Anthem.


There has to be at least 2 members of the media for ever player on the field for the coin flip.






Katy Perry put on an entertaining halftime show, with Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliott, and of course the infamous Left Shark.





We all know how the game ended. I don’t think I need to recap it. I’m not sure if my dad understood what was happening since he wanted to stick around to watch the trophy be awarded. I was all, “Heck no!!” and went to wait in the car. It was a long, unhappy drive back.

On Monday, my brother went home early, my dad and Dan¬†went golfing and my mom, Linda and I drove out to the Superstition Mountains, which I’ll tell you about later. I flew home that night with a 5 hour layover in Denver. Slept on the floor to pass the time with about 15 other Seahawks fans heading home as well. We were a sober group, especially in the middle of the night!

Now that I’ve had a few days separation, I can appreciate what a great experience it was. So few people ever get to do something like this and I feel so lucky that I got to be a part of it. And even though we lost in such a heartbreaking fashion, I love my team and I love how much the city gets behind them, how it brings us together. In the end, Pete Carroll knows more about football than I do, and while I don’t understand the call, I have to believe there was a reason for it. I think we’re just at the start of several years of great runs for us, and I really look forward to the next season. And I hear the Mariners and Sounders should be pretty good this year, too!

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