If I had to describe Singapore in one word (that doesn’t involve bitching about the heat/humidity) it would have to be ‘colorful’. Before arriving, most of my preconceived ideas of Singapore were that it’s ‘just a big city’. And it most certainly is that. But it’s also a vibrant, lively city with delicious food and more character than I expected. I’m excited to finally share some of my favorite photos with you of this colorful place!

I really only have two days of site seeing as the rest of the time I’m here I’ll be working, so I have a lot to pack in. On my first day, I start with a walk around the river. It’s only 9am, but I’m already sweating from the humidity. Thank goodness for pretty sites to distract me.








This city is littered with statues. I’m not sure the meaning behind most of them, but they are neat to look at.






These reflective balls in the park make for some fun photos.


Eventually I end up down on the harbor, but Merlion isn’t puking! I’m sad to miss it, but enjoy all the tourists getting photos with him (her?) anyway.



I take a 45 minute boat ride around the harbor and river, and I’m in luck – when I get back, Merlion is puking again!



Next I head over to Chinatown. This is definitely the tourist area of the city where you can buy all your postcards and souvenirs. I’m seriously in love with the red and yellow lanterns lining all the streets.




This is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Despite Buddhism not believing in relics, they actually claim to have one of Buddha’s teeth. I didn’t see it, but it is blessedly air conditioned so I spend a few minutes inside cooling off.






On day two, I set out bright and early for the Southern Ridges. It’s a 9km mostly elevated walkway through the jungle with some excellent views of the city. It’s even more humid here, and I’m seriously questioning my sanity walking up all these steps.


Ok, now it’s worth it.




The walk takes me most of the morning (with many shade stops to cool down), so after lunch, I head back to the hotel to relax in the air conditioning for a bit, then take the metro over to the Gardens by the Bay. I actually end up visiting the gardens twice. The first time I arrive just as they’re closing the walkway due to inclement weather. I wait around for awhile, taking pictures until sure enough, the skies open up in a torrential downpour. I return the next night and this time have success getting up onto the platform.







Since I work during the day, I spend most of my time waking around the city at night. And I have to admit, Singapore is just as colorful after the sun goes down.






On my last night, I finally make it up to the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel for sunset. All I can say is “Wow.” The 360 degree views sure are spectacular. If you ever find yourself here, the MBS observation deck is a must.







I hope you enjoyed this brief overview of my time in Singapore. As usual, I’ll spend the next few weeks going into each of these experiences in more detail. I can’t wait to share more!

Singapore River Walk
Ballard Farmer's Market