It’s true what they say – all good things must come to an end. Such is the nature of our trip to Iceland. After five very brief days, it is time for us to head home. Our flight doesn’t leave until 5pm, so we have the morning free to explore Reykjavik one more time. I really want to try more coffee and take some last photos of the city. And of course, we need to write and mail postcards and buy last minute souvenirs.



I think this might be my favorite building in all of Iceland.


(Haha, sure you don’t Polar Bear.)



I love all the pretty Icelandic wool garments you can buy, but they are so expensive. I end up buying a few skeins of yarn to take home, saving myself tons of money and picking up a new project as well.


As we’re wandering around, we come across Reykjavik Roasters. It’s just down the street from the Hallgrimskirkja, and I’ve read good things, so we decide to stop here for a bit.


Inside is every bit as hipster as any coffee shop you’d find in Seattle, right down to Fleet Foxes playing on the record player. I feel like I’ve been transported home.



We enjoy a cup of coffee while I write postcards and Emma writes in her journal.


Back outside we wander around some more, admiring all the colorful artwork painted on the buildings. This city is just so pretty!





Luckily, we find a quaint postbox near a bookstore to mail our postcards.


Need to know how to tie your tie while in Iceland? Just find this helpful wall of step by step directions for three different knots you can try!


I was hoping to be able to have lunch at Cafe Laundromat before we have to make our way to the airport, but we only have time for a quick stop in to admire the books (have I mentioned how much I love books?) before we have to walk back to the hotel for airport pickup.



As we’re walking back, we come across these funny Icelandic trolls. Being Scandanavian myself and having a similar cultural background to Iceland, I grew up with little trolls kind of like this in our house. It’s kind of neat to see them in life-sized form. Apparently Emma wants to bite him.


And with that, our time in Iceland has come to its end. Even before I left, I knew I would need to come back, and this trip only confirmed it. There are so many more things to see and do that we just weren’t able to fit in. I look forward to my return trip, whenever that might be. I’ll be back next week with my very last post on Iceland (sob)!


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