I promise I’ll be back next week to wrap up my time in Dubai, but first I want to tell you about a project my friend Suzie is working on! Suzie and I have been friends since we were 4 years old which means we’re coming up on 29 years of friendship. That’s insane! 5 years ago, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and set about finding ways to ease her pain. She discovered that changing her diet to less processed, more whole foods really allowed her to reduce her medication and lead a more normal life.

Inspired by her success, she created The Tasty Remedy to help others who may be experiencing similar problems. She also went back to school, got her NTP certification, started her own practice and is now writing a cookbook of brunches for the different seasons, filled with yummy recipes she created. Now, I do not follow a paleo diet myself, I love breads and cheese too much. But that doesn’t mean I d0n’t try to incorporate many of these recipes into my everyday life, especially the veggie ones (since you know, resolutions and stuff)! And I can tell you from personal experience that they taste great!

A couple months ago, Suzie invited several friends (including me) over to her house to help with the photoshoot for her book. Of course I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take some behind the scenes pictures, and I want to share them with you. It’s pretty fun to see what goes into making a cookbook, and even more fun to eat those foods after! Her animals are pretty adorable, too.






My first task of the day is to cook up a sausage, sweet potato, apple hash. It smells so good!



I also keep an eye on the Brussel sprouts with bacon. Just so, you know, no one eats any too early.


The props are all laid out, ready to go.



The men helped by staying out of the way, watching football (Ok, ok. I snuck in some football watching myself. Go Dawgs!).


Doesn’t the table set with all the food look so lovely? We sit around looking at it with all it’s yummy food for what feels like EVER! Everything smells so good and we’re so hungry! But photos come first!




We serve up a few plates and take a few more pictures.





Even Boots is worn out at this point.


And then, we eat!!



We didn’t quite get all the shots Suzie wanted to get for the day, but she was the most worn out of all of us and ready to be done. The food of course, was delicious and the entire day was a neat look at what goes on behind the scenes when you’re making a cookbook. If you are looking for great recipes to help with any autoimmune issues you might have, or if you’re just looking for new and interesting foods to add to your old favorites (like me) make sure to check out her book when it comes out!

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