The next stop on our beach hopping tour of SoCal is Point Dume State Beach and Preserve. I did a quick Google search of “things to do in Malibu” before I left home, and it listed this beach as a great place for some easy hiking trails and beautiful view points, so I threw it on to the list of ‘places we might stop on our drive’. I also had the Getty Villa and Solstice Canyon as options, but we didn’t end up making it to either. Leave them on the list for next time. But we do stop at Point Dume to stretch our legs from all the car sitting.


When we arrive at the park, there are only a few places to park, so we sit and wait for someone to return. Fortunately it doesn’t take too long, but if you plan to visit, take note that there aren’t many parking spots here. We do find out later that you can also access the park for the beach to the north, which offers much more parking. But it worked out for us in the end.


Can I just tell you how much I love these yellow flowers everywhere? I’m sure it comes as no shock to anyone who has read this blog for awhile now that I love flowers, but I still feel like I need to point it out every now and then.




We can see a beach down below us, but we decide to explore the bluff first before heading down to stick our feet in the sand.



There are several options for trails to take here – one that circumnavigates the bluff, one that goes up to the top of it, and others that lead off to parts unknown (to me, at least). We start by going around before we go up.



This is the beach where you can find more parking, but you’ll have a bit more of a hike to get up here.


I really want to walk out on the bluff below, but despite the people already out there, the trail is closed for preservation. While normally this might not stop me, the nature lover in me doesn’t want to contribute to the erosion of the bluff, so I stay on the designated trails.



Back at the start, we make our way up the bluff for some more great views.






Finally, it’s time to hit the beach. Jenny says “Follow me, I’ll lead the way!” or maybe she’s saying “Stop taking so many damn pictures and let’s go already!” Coming Jingle!


The stairway leading down to the beach is old and rotting in places. Seems safe, right?



The waves down here are great for surfing, but I would be worried about all those rocks!


We take our shoes off and have a little wade into the water. It feels good to just relax in the sunshine for a bit.






The tide is out and there is all sorts of sea life to be seen. I remember as a kid on the beaches in Washington, loving to stick my finger in these sea anemone and watch them shrivel up. No comment on if I still do that as an adult.



After a couple hours here, we’re both finally feeling hungry for lunch. Our breakfast was very filling and got us far, but we have more food still to eat before today is over!

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