At Jenny’s coworkers BBQ the night before, we talked about our upcoming drive through Malibu the next day (now today). I asked them if they had any recommendations for restaurants and/or beaches and two places were unanimously suggested: Neptune’s Net and El Matador Beach. Done and done.

Neptune’s Net is actually located just on the other side of the Ventura County line and the furthest northwest we’ll go today. Then we’ll start making our way back towards the city, stopping at El Matador as we go.




This place is a popular motorcycle restaurant, with a family friendly environment.


To order food go inside the area labeled ‘Restaurant Side’, grab whatever you want to drink, then place your order at the counter. It took me far longer than it should have to figure this out. They then call your order out over the loudspeaker and you go up to the outside counter to pick it up.


I get the fish tacos, crab cakes and a beer. It may be Monday, but I’m on vacation after all.


The beach across the street looks inviting, but it’s starting to get late in the day and we still have another beach to see.


I’m not much of a car person, but we parked next to this old-timey car that just sort of seems appropriate for our adventures today, having been to the end of Route 66.



10 minutes later, we find ourselves at El Matador State Beach.



It’s so pretty! I climb up on a dirt mound to get better pictures and Jenny patiently waits below.



Before we even get down to the beach, we run into several photo shoots. Apparently this is a popular place for them, and I can see why. The rocks and ocean make for a very dramatic background.





Inspired by the other photoshoots, I start taking pictures of Jenny.




What happened to their feet? Confession – I used to (and maybe still) do this all the time. What is it about burying body parts in the sand that is so appealing?






Look at all the muscles! I bet they’d make a good soup or pasta.


Having done a lot of beach hopping today, but never really staying too long at each place, we decide to lay out a towel and enjoy the salty air for awhile (and if any Sounders fans have a problem with these pictures, please feel free to keep it to yourself).




It’s so nice to just relax for awhile. I love a good beach, there’s just something that’s so soothing about the waves and the sun, even if it’s not that warm.





Originally we had wanted to stay to watch the sunset, but it’s getting a bit too cold. Plus the view of the actual sun looks like it’s going to be blocked by the rocks anyway, so we make our way back to the car.



Another photoshoot is just starting and I’m amazed by the elaborateness of this gown. Is this a Miss California pageant thing?



As we climb back up the path to the parking lot, I can’t resist a few more shots of the beach. It’s such a beautiful place to spend an evening.



I have one more L.A. post for you on all the miscellaneous happenings of this trip, as well as a few sunset photos from Malibu. Turns out we got to see it after all, and it’s pretty spectacular. Stay tuned!

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