Today I’m going to show you a picture. This is a picture I don’t show many people, because well, it’s not my best. But first, the story behind this picture. On our last day in Amritsar, we had plans to get up before the sun to see sunrise in the Golden Temple. We went to bed early, but sometime in the middle of the night, I started having dreams that my face was going to explode. I woke up and found that my lip and eye were massively swollen and my lip really did fee like it was going to burst. The cause? A measly little mosquito!


You see? Not pretty. Ugh. I’m mildly allergic to mosquito bites, but up till now, I’ve never been bitten on my face. I’ll just say it’s not fun. I took some Benadryl and went back to sleep, but that stuff makes me so groggy that when everyone was ready to leave in the morning, I couldn’t manage to get out of bed. I was really bummed to have missed it and can’t believe a mosquito took me out for the morning! To make myself feel better, I walked around the rest of the day saying, “You should’ve seen the other guy!” I crack myself up.

After I finally snapped out of it, we had some breakfast and walked around town before catching our flight back to Delhi. The way they build around the trees here is crazy, but makes for some cool pictures.



Once back in Delhi, we had to rush to pick up our sari’s that we had made before the place closed. I’ve never had anything made for me, other than Halloween costumes and Christmas dresses that my mom would sew when I was a kid. It was kind of neat. Thankfully the swelling on my face went down by dinner time. I didn’t have to walk all over India looking like I’d been in a bar fight.

The next morning, the entire wedding party, family and guests boarded a flight to Bangalore, the closest big city to the hill town of Coorg, where Kamala grew up. They even made an announcement on the flight congratulating Nitish and Kamala on their wedding.

Upon landing, the wedding party and family left immediately for Coorg, while us guests checked into our hotel and went in to the city for some site seeing and dinner.



The flower markets here were so colorful, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them!







Even the vegetables were so pretty and colorful. Everyone here loves having their picture taken. Anytime we started taking pictures of things, the locals would ask to be in them, and then wanted to see the picture. It was fun!




Bright and early the next morning, we loaded up a shuttle for the 7 hour drive to Coorg. Before leaving Bangalore, we stopped for breakfast, then hit the open road. We passed through so many small towns and large rice fields.




About halfway there,¬†we had to stop to change shuttles. I’m pretty sure the driver of the first vehicle went through our bags while we were eating breakfast and stole the jewelry I bought the night before to wear to the wedding. Some of the other girls noticed their bags had been gone through as well, though I don’t think anyone else had stuff stolen. I’m pretty bummed as the jewelry was really pretty, but fortunately it wasn’t very¬†expensive, and it was all they took.



Finally, we made it to Coorg in time for sunset! Whew! It feels like we’d been traveling forever. From Amritsar to Delhi to Bangalore and Coorg, we really had been on the go for the last 3 days. Costa Coffee has been my lifesaver as the Nescafe instant coffee the hotels have has not been doing the job. In Coorg, there are Coorg Coffee shops and I was in heaven! It felt good to be done traveling for a couple days while we celebrate Kamala and Nitish!


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