A few weeks ago, my friends Adrienne, Suzie, Amy (who I climbed Kilimanjaro with last year) and I got together to celebrate Amy’s recent engagement. We had brunch at the always delicious Volterra in Ballard, followed by a walk through the Ballard Farmer’s Market.

It’s a perfect morning without a cloud in the sky.


People (and dogs) from all over the city flock here to spend a relaxing Saturday or Sunday morning, buying locally grown produce and meat, and fresh cut flowers for their homes. The market runs year round, but it’s much bigger in the spring and summer.



Street performers line the sidewalks filling the air with a symphony of sounds.



You can find almost anything you could ever want here. Seasonal flowers…




…fresh, locally grown produce…




…artwork by local artists…


…handmade soaps and other skincare products…


…and all kinds of deliciously prepared food. Just find a spot on one of the sidewalks to enjoy your tasty treats.



Some vendors accept credit cards, but many are cash only. Fortunately, you can stop by the information booth and purchase tokens with your credit card and use them same as cash at any of the stalls in the market. Then you can buy all the tasty goodies you could ever want!






Adrienne and Suzie are on the hunt for the perfect bouquet. You can ask the flower vendors to make you one simply by telling them how much you want to spend and which flowers you want incorporated. Or you can choose any of the pre-made bouquets.



There they are, my lovely friends! But wait, where’s Adrienne?



There she is!


Congrats again Amy! I’m so happy for you and this latest adventure in life, and I wish you all the happiness in the world!

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