It’s a beautiful day for a wedding!

After our morning dive, it’s time for the main event. The reason we’re all on this island. The Wheeler-Jones wedding, of course!

The wedding is at Sunset House, about halfway between West End and West Bay. Fortunately the water taxi is only $3 per person and drops us off right on the dock.


The year before, Shawn proposed to Danyeal on this very dock.

Wheeler-Jones wedding

Many of the guests are part of the Emerald City Supporters, or ECS for short. We’ve met and become friends through standing in the same section during Sounders matches, and drinking together at the same bars before and after. It’s fun being on vacation with a whole bunch of your friends.



Emma umbrella

Kari, Matt & Dave

Wedding guests

Not a shabby location, eh?




Normally people take pictures of me like this.




Here she comes, the beautiful bride!!

Bride Danyeal

Major props to their photographer. He’s going to get the best shot, water be damned!

Wedding ceremony


You may now kiss the bride…

Kiss the bride

May I present – the newlyweds!

Shawn & Danyeal

Now it’s time to party! The line at the bar wraps around the room. The ECS really knows how to get things started (or maybe they all have a drinking problem…the jury’s still out).


Rain threatens off the coast, but it stays clear on shore all evening. Perfect!


Rain storm







Aren’t they so cute?

Wedding party


The sunset makes a perfect backdrop.


Side note: during the fireworks, I set my GoPro on the ledge to use my DSLR. As soon as I do, I realize that’s probably not a good idea. I go to grab it and sure enough, launch it off the second story balcony to the cement patio below instead. Because of course I did. I am quite possibly the klutziest person alive. Positive that I just destroyed another camera accessory on this trip (during a dive trip, my sunscreen exploded on my wide angle lens in my dry bag – sob), I run downstairs to retrieve it. To my amazement, the camera is still on and everything appears unscathed, with the exception of the red filter I had left tied around the handle. It’s shattered in the corner, but not enough to make it totally unusable. I know I’ve said it before, but I really love this little camera. After having it for more than a year now, I know it’s not perfect (poor low light shots, no self timer, periodically seems to stop working while plugged in to my computer), but the good things definitely make up for it. Whew!


The Milky Way is stunning. I set a long exposure down on the beach. It’s not this clear to the naked eye, but the camera can pick it up.

Milky Way

Congrats again to the happy couple, and thank you so much for inviting me! It was most memorable.

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